Cary Digital's methodology and approach

We take a technology-neutral approach to our design work. We take a structured approach to our work by which we mean that we establish the way we are going to build something and ensure that we follow that methodology consistently throughout the project lifecycle. If something needs to be changed mid-way, we make sure that change is retrofitted to the whole design, so that consistency is maintained.

In the worlds of graphics, website design and computer programming in general there are one hundred and one ways to do most things. What counts is being consistent. Through consistency comes predictability. For those who try and interpret what we have designed, whether they are users, clients, or other developers, consistency means readability.

Larry Wall, the developer of Perl, one of the most successful computer scripting languages, said this of his language:

“As for Perl, it has never been ‘structured’ in that sense, though it has always been structured in the sense that you can create as much structure as you like. The whole point is that the structure is optional, not imposed externally.”

We wholeheartedly subscribe to this approach.