About Cary Digital

Cary Digital was founded in 2009 by the partnership's current creative and technical partners Lesley and Nic Cary. Prior to this, Lesley and Nic were the founding directors of Cary Design Ltd owned by the two founders which began trading in 1998.

User-centred design is central to what we do, whether we are designing:

  • Graphics
  • Websites
  • Applications

Cary Digital offers a total service for the design and production of Internet applications that are user-driven.

We take full responsibility for a project, combining design, development and technical consultancy services.

We can also participate as part of a wider team, supplying some of these services and either helping to recruit or manage the project team.

We are technology and platform independent and can call on a wide roster of design and technical expertise to deliver an application that is driven fundamentally by requirements.

Delivery channels: web and social media.

Applications: e-brochures, e-zines, e-commerce, content management, syndication, group-working and intranets.